FABLES: a public art project

Levan Mindiashvili 'Ghost'
A Guided Tour through FABLES
with FABnyc's Director of Public Art, Keith Schweitzer
Tuesday, July 22 @ 6:30PM
RSVP for starting location

With our FABLES projects completed and installed, we are excited to offer an exclusive, guided tour of our five FABLES sites and artwork, hosted by FABnyc's Director of Public Art, Keith Schweitzer. This FREE tour will be a final chance to learn of many of the work's historical and personal relevance to the Lower East Side (as projects Feed Me a Story and Lower East Side Heroines transition out of their homes at First Street Green Park and Centre-Fuge Public Art Project at the end of this month).

RSVP for a spot (only 20 available!) by emailing rsvp@fabnyc.org.

Learn more about FABLES at www.fabnyc.org

FABLES is a public art series produced by FABnyc to explore the Lower East Side’s living cultural heritage, rich historical legacies, and current issues in public storytelling through visual art. For more information and updates, go to our FABLES page.
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