HASA Workshop

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FREE workshop to learn about assistance available to individuals living with AIDS or clinical symptomatic HIV illness, including housing, healthcare resources, and nutritional assistance. 

HASA services include: 
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits
Cash assistance
Emergency transitional housing
Non-emergency housing
Rental assistance
Home care and homemaking services
Mental health and substance abuse screening and treatment referrals
Employment and vocational services
Transportation assistance
SSI or SSD application and appeal

For more information on HASA, you can visit their official page here.

Please share this with anyone who may benefit from attending, including friends, caregivers, collaborators, and partners. 

RSVP - either via facebook or by filling up this form.

If you have any questions, please email denise@fabnyc.org

Organized by FABnyc in collaboration with the NYC Human Rights Administration.

Coffee & treats c/o Pushcart Coffee!

Welcoming Our New Executive Director, Risa Shoup

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the FABnyc board, I'm so pleased to introduce our new Executive Director, Risa Shoup.

Risa is thoughtful, innovative, and deeply knowledgeable about the needs of artists. She has practice at building community through collaborations and brings to FAB a unique combination of skills in both cultural programming and civic planning. We feel very fortunate to have her join the FAB staff and are excited about moving forward with Risa's leadership.

Ryan Gilliam, Chair

Dear Colleagues, Artists, Residents, and Friends,

I am:

to assume the role of Executive Director of Fourth Arts Block. I am so thankful to the staff and board, with some extra appreciation for the amazing Tamara Greenfield, who have worked so hard to create a strong foundation from which we can grow. Our greatest asset is our community, and I am so eager to work with all of you as I settle into my new life at FABnyc.

Many of the most formative moments from my early days working in the arts come from experiences I had working with and visiting the theaters, galleries, studios, and myriad other cultural institutions in the Lower East Side. In my new role at FABnyc, I look forward to helping preserve the history of this vibrant community while looking ahead to a future ripe with possibility.

FABnyc will continue to be a supportive leader in the cultural ecology of the Lower East Side. But I do not use this metaphor lightly: we depend on one another, not just for survival, but for innovation, advancement and success. I am excited to merge my past work with our present foundation to create new opportunities for artists, residents, and institutions in this incredible community. Working together we can accomplish more than we can even conceive of individually.

To going fourth together!


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