Earth Celebrations

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Earth Celebrations was founded as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization on the Lower East Side of New York City in 1991, by social action artist Felicia Young, to engage communities to generate ecological and social change through the arts. For the past 30 years our programs have applied the inspirational power of the arts to build community, collaboration and action on climate change, water quality, river restoration, waste management, and the preservation of species, habitats, nature, gardens, parks, and a healthy urban environment.  Earth Celebrations has pioneered and developed innovative strategies utilizing collaborative arts to build broad-based coalitions and diverse sector partnerships with local organizations, academic institutions, government agencies, schools and community residents to work together and mobilize action to achieve common goals and ecological, policy and social change.

Open Arts LES 2020 Interview

Productions or Exhibits of Artist Work

Ecological City Procession for Climate Solutions
A spectacular procession with 20 site performances celebrating climate solution initiatives throughout the community gardens, neighborhood and waterfront on the Lower East Side of New York City

This includes community engaged Ecological City Planning Meetings in the months leading the parade. 

Learning Opportunities

Earth Celebrations workshops are at the heart of their cultural organizing and collaborative process. Over the past 30 years they have developed large-scale collaborative art and cultural organizing projects that have cultivated broad-based and cross-sector engagement, mobilized and built grassroots neighborhood and citywide coalition efforts, and effected policy and ecological and social change.

Climate Art Workshops:
Participants collaborate with Earth Celebrations’ artists-in-residence to create puppets, costumes and visual art celebrating local sustainability initiatives. Artworks are presented at Ecological City: Procession for Climate Solutions.

Bio Arts Workshops:
Participants learn to use natural bio materials for sculpture and costumes, growing mycelium (mushrooms root) into a structural bio-degradable material that is grown into molds in various forms. Learn how to make Kombucha (fermented mushroom tea) into a leathery textile that will be integrated into a Zero Waste costume for Ecological City.


Residencies or Fellowships

Earth Celebrations Ecological Arts and Community Engagement Artists Residency
Artists are invited to apply for ‪#‎EcologicalArt‬ & ‪#‎CommunityEngagement‬ Artist Residency with Earth Celebrations.
Earth Celebrations Residency offers honorarium of $2,500-5,000
Artists-in-residence will design visual art projects engaging community with our ecological arts program.

Special Programs for Youth

Art & Ecology Youth Workshops
Earth Celebrations artists collaborate with community partner groups, schools and organizations to create arts projects exploring sustainability and climate solution initiatives. Artworks developed are presented in the culminating Ecological City: Procession for Climate Solutions. 


Internships are available to work on Ecological City, applying the pioneering creative cultural organizing strategies on the Lower East Side of New York City to develop and bring together climate resiliency and ecological sustainability plans, policies and solutions to mitigate impacts of flooding, pollution-run-off and the consequences of climate change within the gardens, neighborhood and waterfront on the Lower East Side of New York City.

Seeking interns with skills, interest and background: civic engagement, community outreach, advocacy/activism, theatrical/arts/event production, logistics management, graphic and web design, social media, photography/video and interest in the arts, community organizing, environmental, urban planning activism and climate issues.

100-hour minimum time commitment per semester (credit can be offered)
Contact: Earth Celebrations (212) 777-796 

Volunteer Opportunities

Help with ecological art & climate action projects, art & ecology/puppet & costume workshops, office work, coordination, fundraising, web & graphic design, community & volunteer outreach, photography, video, carpentry, sound & electric, and community organizing activities.

PARTICIPATE in the Ecological City Project, developing and bringing together climate resiliency and ecological sustainability plans, policies, and solution on the Lower East Side of New York City.

SIGN UP to contribute your skills and talents! Join the creative community engagement planning design sessions, participate in ecological arts/puppet & costume workshops, and take action in our Ecological City Pageant — a procession with site performances through the community gardens, neighborhood, and East River Park waterfront.