Gene Frankel Theatre

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24 Bond Street
New York, NY 10012

The Gene Frankel Theatre at 24 Bond Street in lower Manhattan, has remained steadfast since Gene Frankel founded the theater in 1949. Currently, with Gail Thacker and Thomas R. Gordon at the helm, the Gene Frankel Theatre are reviewing sociopolitical plays concerning who we are now by living playwrights for co-production & production. Our main focus is LGBT and Black Trans. But we are open to new ideas and thought. 

Open Arts LES 2020 Interview

I’m very old school. I call people up. ‘I saw you your work. Would you like to come over to the Gene Frankel Theatre?’… or I’m talking to someone who I know or I just met, and they tell me about something and I’ll say, ‘Can I read it? Let’s talk, hey, let’s get together’… It’s very old school. But I like to meet people feel their energy, know their work, and work on it on that level.
– Gail Thacker

Gene Frankel Theatre offers classes to interested theater artists. The Gene Frankel Theatre has 4 available rental spaces. Gene Frankel Theatre donates free tickets when available to senior centers in the surrounding area. They offer internships and volunteer opportunities.

For more information on programs and opportunities, visit their website