IATI Theater

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64 E 4th Street New York, NY  10003

“We take risks because we believe you can’t create something new without going somewhere that makes you a little bit uncomfortable. Some may say we’re a little different. We call it vanguardia. Just look at our award-winning repertoire of comedies and dramas that highlight thought-provoking and universal issues of the human experience.

The Latin American culture is one of drama, sensuality, and laughter. We’re passionate about our Latin American roots. We believe cultural exploration is part of what makes our work so rich and relevant, whether it is dance, theater, or music.

We’re always asking questions. We’re never satisfied with the status quo. It’s the secret to how we find the extraordinary.”

We are basically open to all the artists that are around us, or in another country, or all around the world. We are like a bridge with the artists and the community. – Vivian Deangelo

IATI offers staged readings, open mics and workshops through open submission calls. IATI Theater currently offers 3 spaces available for bookings: rehearsal space, Mainstage Theater and Underground theater. Through IATI’s Community Program, they offer children theater repetoire which joins entertainment and education.  These touring plays for children are available to perform at local schools and public libraries.  IATI Theater offers internships to individuals who would like to begin their career in professional theater. IATI Theater is always looking for volunteers to usher shows or for additional help with administrative work in their offices.

For more information on programs and opportunities, visit their website