LES Community Culture Council 


The Lower East Side Community Culture Council is a group of LES residents and workers interested in strengthening opportunities for LESiders to connect to, enjoy, and actively participate in local arts and culture experience.

Council Activities

  • Monthly meetings and/or field trips to LES arts and culture events
  • Curate and organize the LES Community Arts Day in July
  • Engage in conversation and dialogue with LES artists and arts leaders
  • Receive stipends and complimentary passes to local arts and culture events

Membership to the Council

  • Applications for the Council open each fall for the following year
  • The Council has a maximum of 10 members; members in good standing are eligible to serve for up to three years
  • Council members all have strong ties to the LES through living or working in the community
  • New Council members are selected based on written applications and interviews; selection is made by current Council and FAB staff
  • POC and NYCHA residents are prioritized for acceptance

FABnyc, which organizes the LESCCC, is committed to strengthening opportunities for LES residents to access and fully participate in local arts and culture. We are particularly interested in seeing those who have felt themselves marginalized in the community and/or separated from its cultural institutions feel more welcome and included. The LESCCC was originally developed in collaboration with University Settlement.

2022 LES Community Culture Council.
Get to know the 2022 Council and read their bios here.

Jennifer Chiao
Ariana Hellerman
Kendra Krueger
Jonathan Martinez
Saarah Medrano
Mollie Serena
Rico Washington


2021 LES Community Culture Council
Shaheeda Abdush-Shaheed
Tareake Dorill Ramos
Felicia Gordon
Kendra Krueger
Jonathan Martinez
Destiny Mata 
Saarah Medrano
Mollie Serena