Mark DeGarmo Dance

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107 Suffolk Street, Studio 310 New York, NY 10002

Founded in 1987 by dancer and scholar Mark DeGarmo, MDD provides high quality, interdisciplinary arts programming for New York City public elementary school students who live in economically challenged and under-resourced communities. Partnerships in Literacy through Dance and Creativity is MDD’s “evidence-based” seven-year interdisciplinary program that empowers elementary students to use dance, movement and creative writing as lifelong tools to fulfill their highest potential.

Mark DeGarmo’s range of solo and group work has been performed locally, nationally, and internationally. New York press and audiences have heralded MDD’s dance-theater works as “brilliant” and “risk-taking” and DeGarmo as “a gladiator in various arenas.” Hailed as a national model by the National Endowment for the Arts, MDD was recognized by President Barack Obama for its commitment to New York City communities and the nation.

Mark DeGarmo Dance offers youth programs through after school programs and class workshops. They host monthly dance showings culminating in a feedback session at the end accessible through an open call submission policy. 

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