When COVID-19 hit NYC in March 2020, FAB staff began assisting CM Carlina Rivera’s office with daily outreach calls to Lower East Side seniors to ensure they had necessary food, information, and health resources.  Many seniors in our community have limited access to and/or comfort with the internet and are only reachable by phone.

These phone calls inspired the NY Memory Project Toolkit.  Antígona González has been serving as Project Director for this initiative at FAB.  She has been recording stories from LES seniors all spring.

NY Memory Project 

  • – New Yorkers share memories and stories
  • – Topics may include home, childhood, family, work, friends, food
  • – Story collection and recording can done by phone
  • – All participants receive a digital audio copy of their interview
  • – If permission is given, stories will be shared online and submitted to the NYC Public Library Oral History collection and Story Corps Archive

During COVID-19, we are all coping with increased isolation.  Connection and conversation can be meaningful — particularly for those with limited online access.  The NY Memory Project supports connection and wellness, and is a fun, creative, activity during a time of social distancing.

Download the NY Memory Project Toolkit