New York Neo-Futurists

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219 West 19th Street New York, NY 10011

We are a diverse collective of artists who create:

  • Theater that is fusion of sport, poetry, and living-newspaper.
  • Non-illusory, interactive performance that conveys our experiences and ideas as directly and honestly as possible.
  • Immediate, unreproducible events at heads-slappingly affordable prices.
  • We embrace those unreached or unmoved by conventional theater-inspiring them to thought, feeling, and action.

Open Arts LES 2020 Interview

Productions or Exhibits of Work

‘Hit Play’ (NY Neo-Futurists Podcast during the Pandemic)

While the New York Neo-Futurists are social distancing just like you, their on-going and ever-changing attempt to create immediate art continues! Hit Play is their twice weekly podcast.  Hit Play to hear a selection of Neo-Futurist experiments in audio every Saturday and Sunday until we’re back performing The Infinite Wrench. Join their Patreon to get exclusive access to new NY Neo-Futurist short films and extra digital content. Join their digitally mediated community and help us continue to support and pay artists. Find our podcast on iTunes & Spotify. All the NY Neo links are here:

The Infinite Wrench (performances suspended during the pandemic)

When: Every Friday & Saturday @ 10:30pm
Where: Kraine Theatre, 85 East 4th Street
Tickets @ Door: $14 + the roll of a 6-sided die ($15-$20)
Advance Tickets: $20 (+ processing fee)

The Infinite Wrench is a mechanism that unleashes a barrage of two-minute plays for a live audience. Each play offers something different, be it funny, profound, elegant, disgusting, topical, irrelevant, terrifying, or a song; all are truthful and tackle the here-and-now, inspired by the lived experiences of the performers. With new plays every week, The Infinite Wrench is the Neo-Futurists’ ongoing and ever-changing attempt to shift the conventions of live performance and speak to audiences including those unreached or unmoved by traditional theater. 

The Infinite Wrench runs every weekend (except the last 2 weeks of December). Different show every time! If you’ve seen the show once, you’ve seen the show once

Learning Opportunities

New York Neo-Futurists believe that every individual’s live stories are worth telling on stage. Their workshops provide tools for transposing these true stories into theater by delving into the crafts of writing, directing, design and collaborative devising. Using the non-illusory aesthetic, participants will create new work and sharpen skills for performance that can be applied in any professional setting—whether in the arts field or beyond. All experience levels are welcome. To learn more about the three workshop levels offered, costs, and dates, head to .

Special Programs for Youth:

New York Neo Futurists would love to bring our shows & teach Neo-Futurist Workshops at YOUR school, college or university.

Have you read our plays in books?
Maybe you saw the show in New York, Chicago, or San Francisco?
Perhaps you even want to do your own Neo-Futurist show…
Would you like to have us come to you?

Contact Bookings or call at 347.829.6963

Special Programs 

Corporate Workshops
Bring the New York Neo-Futurists to your office!

This unique workshop based in storytelling, is designed to strengthen confidence and communication, while bringing creativity to center stage in personal and professional life. Based on the Neo-Futurist approach to writing and performance, it focuses on developing a heightened awareness, and presenting personal experiences in order to find a greater meaning in everyday life. The aim is to empower and affirm the lives of the participants and get them to a point of bringing that personal creativity to the workplace.

In the workshop with professional theater artists, participants learn how to weave observation with imagination to create a powerful storytelling experience. They learn how to draw from personal experiences and cultivate extraordinary ideas from the seemingly ordinary. Through a fun series of exercises, participants hone these skills and develop the ability to use different communication methods to convey a message. Each workshop culminates with world premiere plays by every participant!

For more information about bringing the Neos to your office, please contact Artistic Director, Rob Neill at He’ll be happy to elaborate on the specifics of the workshop and how it can benefit your office.

Neo-Angel Program
The Neo-Angel program is an ongoing initiative committed to make our work culturally and financial accessible in New York City. The program currently includes the following:

1.  Scholarships for emerging artists to our educational programs. Contact to for more information.

2. Complimentary workshops for non-profit community organizations devoted to introducing Futurism and experimental theatre to young adults. In 2016/17 we are excited to work with the super cool kids at…

3. Ticket Initiative to continue our mission to provide inexpensive art for the general public. Our ticket initiative provides subsidized tickets (up to 50% off) for The Infinite Wrench throughout the year. How you might ask? In Jan and Sept our BACK TO SCHOOL initiative offers $10 tickets to students with ID. In addition, we offer discounted tickets throughout the year.

Free or Discounted Admissions

New York Neo Futurists offer group, artist, and community discounts on a case by case basis. NYNF also do cross- promotion ticket swaps with other companies. Please contact Managing Director, yoshi, for more info.


Whether you’re a college student, a theater professional, or something in between, internships are available throughout the year and customized to your interests and the needs of the company. No experience required, but applicants must have a passion for experimental theatre, flexibility, a sense of humor, resourcefulness, and an eagerness to learn and have fun!

Interns are key to the successful functioning of the weekly show, The Infinite Wrench. The primary job of every intern is to assist the current ensemble and staff of the show. This means everything from sourcing props to crafting set pieces, as well as basic set-up and clean up in the theater.

Time Requirement

Interns are asked to be available to assist and observe rehearsal and the show on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday evenings (7 on Tuesdays, 7:30 on Fridays, and 8:30 on Saturdays), as well as 1-2 weekdays of administrative assistance from 1-5 on days that can be coordinated with the schedule of the intern. Interns weekly work the show either as a Show Intern or House Manager, unless otherwise scheduled with the internship coordinator.

Additional work varies depending on the needs of the New York Neo-Futurists and the talents and skills of each intern.

Internship Content

Internships may also include projects and participation in: Primetime Productions, Community Outreach, Company Management, Development, House Management, Marketing and Public Relations, Special Events, Technical Theatre (Lights, Sound, Stage Management), Website Management, or anything else you’re interested in about the New York Neo-Futurists.

It is important to everyone that the internship be a mutually rewarding experience. Interns have the chance to observe NYNF rehearsals and explore archived material. Sometimes, relationships that are formed during the internship program continue for years and evolve into lasting friendships and professional relationships with the NYNF ensemble.

Intern Salon

An optional (but highly recommended!) element of each internship is a bi-weekly, intern-only workshop in Neo-Futurist writing and performance. Led by active ensemble members, this workshop allows our interns to utilize the skills learned while observing rehearsals to create their own plays in the Neo-Futurist aesthetic. At the end of the semester, participants will have the opportunity to present their work in a personally curated showcase. All company interns in a given semester are invited to participate.

How To Apply

If you are interested in an internship, please send a brief, 100-word essay that addresses the following questions:

  • Why are you interested in working with the Neo-Futurists?
  • What would you like to learn?
  • When are you available? (Please be specific with start-date as well as dates and hours per week you are available.)

The format and structure of your essay are up to you. We encourage you to be creative in the content, structure, and presentation of your essay as it will help us learn more about you. Additionally, we request that applicants submit a more standard and professional cover letter outlining your intent and what about you will make you the best intern ever.

If possible, NYNF suggests for all applicants to see one of their shows, ideally The Infinite Wrench. Chat with one of the Neos after the show and find out what it is all about. But don’t sweat it if you’re in Hawaii or something, you can see some of our show videos on Youtube or Facebook.

NYNF accepts applications on a rolling basis.

Please send PDFs of your resume, cover letter, and your personal essay to the head of the intern program: yoshi. Thanks for your interest!

Volunteer Opportunities

Help NYNF out and see the show for free!

Without a team of volunteers, The Infinite Wrench wouldn’t happen. Seriously: there would be no one to give out plastic space people or gold coins and there would be complete chaos and lots of crying.

NYNF are always looking for new volunteers. If you want to help out and don’t have the time to intern (or just want to hang out once every few months), consider joining the fleet of volunteer house managers.

Volunteers run our box office, two shows a week, fifty weeks out of the year. NYNF need a lot of volunteers.

In exchange for helping them out, you get to see the show for free. You know how The Neo Show changes every time? You can come every month and see for yourself how it changes. That’s pretty neat.

Send a message to volunteer manager, Ellen to learn more and sign up to house manage.