New York Neo-Futurists

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We are a diverse collective of artists who create:

  • Theater that is fusion of sport, poetry, and living-newspaper.
  • Non-illusory, interactive performance that conveys our experiences and ideas as directly and honestly as possible.
  • Immediate, unreproducible events at heads-slappingly affordable prices.
  • We embrace those unreached or unmoved by conventional theater-inspiring them to thought, feeling, and action.

We’re trying to create theater for people who don’t traditionally think of themselves as theater goers, who are not necessarily reached or moved by what theater is. We try to expand what that is. – Rob Neill

New York Neo-Futurists produce weekly theater shows showcasing at the Kraine Theatre (pre-covid).
New York Neo-Futurists offers workshops, providing tools for transposing these true stories into theater by delving into the crafts of writing, directing, design and collaborative devising. The Neo-Futurists are available to bring their work / workshops to schools, colleges, and work functions. The Neo-Futurists offer internships and volunteer opportunities to college students, theatre makers, “anyone in between.” 

More information on programs and ways to get involved, visit their website.