Public Art & Community Partnerships

Staying Power by Ariana Allensworth 

For the Lower East Side iteration of Staying Power, artist Ariana Allensworth will expand upon a collaborative, multidisciplinary art and research project that celebrates the people’s history of New York City public housing in the neighborhood through photography, personal collections, and interview with residents. The project offers counter-narratives to the stereotypes surrounding the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) through the lens of residents raised and living in NYCHA.


The Black and Indigenous Historical Walking Tour of Lower East Side NYC by Dennis RedMoon Darkeem 

Selected through FAB’s LES African and African-American Histories Open Call, we will work with Dennis RedMoon Darkeem, an artist and educator of Yamassee Creek-Seminole Native American and African American descent, on a walking tour through the Lower East Side highlighting underrecognized Black and Indigenous histories in the neighborhood.

“Stolen People Stolen Land” (2021) series, Collage on 1880 land deed by Dennis RedMoon Darkeem 


Intermittent Imprints(to walk along the river) by Raul Ayala

FAB is a local partner in LESReady! a network supporting community resiliency in the face of climate change.  Our most recent collaboration with Downtown Art is on artist Raul Ayala’s installation on the facade of 70 East 4th Street.

Intermittent Imprints (to walk along the river) is an installation and performance by Raul Ayala that unveils the neighborhood’s pre-colonial ecologies, with the waterway that once flowed through East 4th Street down to the East River acting as a reference point for considering our vital relationship to water in a time of rapidly advancing climate change.

Photo by Raul Ayala

LES Community Culture Council

The Lower East Side Community Culture Council is a group of LES residents and workers interested in strengthening opportunities for LESiders to connect to, enjoy, and actively participate in local arts and culture experience. These connections may be as audiences, arts learners, or practicing artists.
The Council was founded in 2018 in collaboration with the Performance Project at University Settlement.

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Photo by Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sánchez
Photo by Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sánchez

Messages To Go
by Hatuey Ramos-Fermín

FABnyc emerges out of anti-displacement organizing done by low-income tenants of both residential and commercial properties. Building off of this legacy we strive to continue supporting and collaborating with small businesses in the Lower East Side.

FABnyc recently commissioned Hatuey Ramos-Fermín’s Messages to Go, an art project that produces, designs, and distributes a series of reusable shopping bags based on conversations and interviews with local small business owners and advocates.

Photo courtesy of ANHD
Photo by Shannel Resto