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107 Suffolk Street, #300 New York, NY, 10002

Founded in 1996, Arts for Art (AFA) is a New York City based tax exempt organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of Multicultural Improvised Creative Arts — an African American indigenous art form in which improvisation is principal. This art embodies music, dance, poetry and visual arts. It is recognized for its variety of highly developed and personalized improvisational languages. AFA works to preserve the legacy of FreeJazz, and to ensure a vital future through its re-imagination by new generations of artists. Spearheaded by the internationally renowned Vision Festival, AFA’s programming brings together multiple generations of vibrant, diverse and highly skilled artists. To further our goals of diversity and accessibility, we foster education initiatives and produce events that build community amongst artists and audience.


You play free jazz on the street and everyone gets it. This idea that it’s elitist is nonsense… The whole thing about the music, this ‘free’ thing is it’s not about just playing. Some people think ‘free’ is just blasting out. That’s an element of freedom… but it’s really the freedom to play the music or dance the dance or paint the whatever… to do it as it comes to you without fear. Just really releasing yourself to the creativity that’s coming through you. – Patricia Nicholson

Arts for Art offers multi-arts programs throughout the year. AFA offers educational opportunities for youth through The Vision Youth Band, after school programming, and community centers. AFA provides free performances in Lower East Side community gardens through our Fall In Gardens Series. AFA’s artists organize the Free World Project, a creative tool to bring attention to essential human rights and ​the importance of protecting our earth, our world. Arts for Arts hosts weekly meetings to organize and strategize.

For more information about AFA’s programs and opportunities, visit their website.