Black History in the LES

The Lower East Side is generally known for its connections with immigrant communities, many of which have been widely researched, discussed, and celebrated. The histories of African and Black communities, along with their displacement, need more attention and this list of resources represents a beginning in bringing greater recognition to those stories.

Remembering the Second African Burial Ground by Imani Vieira

When Will There Be A Memorial For NYC’s Second African Burial Ground  – Hyperallergic

The M’Finda Kalunga Garden

LES Black and Red – a FABnyc artist commission by Dennis Redmoon Darkeem

Five Points by Imani Vieira

North America’s First Free Black Settlement (Bowery & West Village)

The Tenement Museum: Reclaiming Black Spaces Walking Tour 

“Separate but Equal”: From the African Free Schools to the New York City Public School System by Imani Vieira

Black Gotham by Carla Patterson

The Black Arts Movement  — Umbra Workshop

Steve Cannon – LES Community Hero

Robert “Bob” Humber – LES Community Hero

Rod Rodgers Dance Company – FAB member

Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company 
interview with Enrique Cruz DeJesus, current Artistic Director

4th Street Photo Gallery – FAB member
interview with Alex Harsley and Kendra Krueger

Ellen Stewart, founder of La MaMa, FAB member

Kenkeleba House

East Village Building Blocks: African American History Guided Tour 

Five Spot Cafe

The Negro Ensemble Company