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We all know that the Lower East Side community is in an epic struggle with gentrification — with impacts that create physical and cultural displacement.

FAB was born out of this struggle – created by artists, organizers, and planners working to preserve, sustain, and grow the cultural vitality of the LES.  It’s why we built a mutually supportive network of 40+ cultural and community groups…. why we partner community organizers addressing equity and justice… why we celebrate inclusion… why we honor our stories… why we are civically active… why we show up.

In our ideal LES, arts and culture permeate all areas of life.  Every resident has multiple opportunities to participate in culture.  Cultural hubs thrive. Each day we work on how to bring that world closer.  But this is only possible through collaboration with partners, neighbors, colleagues… and you.

Thank you for any support you can give.  It is profoundly appreciated.


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