Earth Celebrations

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Earth Celebrations was founded as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization on the Lower East Side of New York City in 1991, by social action artist Felicia Young, to engage communities to generate ecological and social change through the arts. For the past 30 years our programs have applied the inspirational power of the arts to build community, collaboration and action on climate change, water quality, river restoration, waste management, and the preservation of species, habitats, nature, gardens, parks, and a healthy urban environment.  Earth Celebrations has pioneered and developed innovative strategies utilizing collaborative arts to build broad-based coalitions and diverse sector partnerships with local organizations, academic institutions, government agencies, schools and community residents to work together and mobilize action to achieve common goals and ecological, policy and social change.

I feel this is a joyous affirmation. It’s affirming the positive and I always feel that the process is as important as the goal we’re trying to achieve. Just by engaging people to work together through this collaborative process and creative, cultural form of expression […] has reverberating impacts that are calculable in different ways.”  – Felicia Young

Earth Celebrations offer fellowship and residences to artists interested in collaborative work. Artists collaborate with community partner groups, schools and organizations to create arts projects exploring sustainability and climate solution initiatives. Earth Celebrations offer children and adult Ecological City Art & Climate Solutions Art Project workshops culminating in a yearly parade: Ecological City: Art & Climate Solutions Pageant. They offer volunteer and internship opportunities.

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