Miguel Valderrama, 2023-24 Commissioned Artist

Miguel Valderrama, Lighting Designer & 2023-24 Commissioned Artist 

Miguel Valderrama is a full time lecturer of the Entertainment Technology department, where he coordinates the Lighting track. His professional work experience ranges from the design of the lights for several theatre productions to lighting for live music concerts. His work also focuses on a constant exploration of lighting as a medium in different and changing environments and unconventional spaces where a standard infrastructure for lighting production is not available. He has been an active theatrical lighting designer in New York City for more than fifteen years. He has also worked as the director of lighting for the Brick Celebrate Brooklyn Festival 2012- 2018, Photoville 2015- 2023 and Teatro Stage Fest 2009-12. His lighting design work also includes fields as Video, film, fashion and a wide variety of corporate events. Miguel is a proud alumni of the department of Entertainment Technology at the New York City College of Technology – CUNY.