The Wild Project

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95 East 3rd Street New York, NY 10009

wild project, a nonprofit company and venue, is an innovator among producing companies, supporting the diverse independent theatre, film, music, visual arts and spoken-word artists of New York City. Since 2007, Wild Project has presented and produced theatre that enriches, educates, and unifies its East Village community in an environmentally responsible green space. Located on E. 3rd St. in Manhattan, Wild Project curate’s resident companies in its 89-seat theatre and devotes specific initiatives toward LGBTQIA+ and POC projects and the work of local East Village artists, to ensure nonprofit theatre sustains its roots in the community. Wild Project fosters a climate where artists explore their creative vision in a supportive atmosphere that brings together theatre and the environment in a unique way. 


wild project venue space is available for theatrical productions, concerts, film shoots & screenings, and private parties. They offer artistic opportunities to artists to showcase work in their theater space and gallery. wild project offers a weekly performance series available to members of the community. wild project’s program initiatives include Wild Culture, Indie the Wild, Backwall Film Project, and for more established theatre companies, the Residency program.

For more information on wild project’s programs and opportunities, visit their website