Lower East Side Arts and Culture

FABnyc Membership

FAB supports 40+ members organizations through community forums, topical gatherings, professional development, workshops, peer shares, and advocacy.

Photo by Whitney Browne
Photo by Whitney Browne

Dance Block

Dance Block, now in its sixth year, makes over 6,000 hours of affordable rehearsal space available annually to over 550 choreographers, engaging thousands of dancers.

Photo by Whitney Browne
Photo by Whitney Browne

Theater Block

Theater Block is a subsidized space project of FABnyc in partnership with local cultural organizations that aims to maximize the potential of available rehearsal space in the East Fourth Street Cultural District.

Photo by Maria Baranova
Photo by Whitney Browne

Culture Work LES

Culture Work LES is a mailing list of resource and opportunities for artists and cultural workers living in the Lower East Side. By signing up for Culture Work LES, you make it possible for FABnyc to contact you with news about opportunities for employment, residencies, commissions, and professional development in the Lower East Side. Register here.

Photo by FABnyc staff
Photo by Whitney Browne

LES Arts Weekend

An annual event held in the Lower East Side¬† to learn about opportunities for artists — residencies, fellowships, workshops, classes, affordable workspace — from LES based arts organizations!

Photo by Dakota Scott
Photo by Emilio Martinez Poppe